Standing Up for What We Believe

First off: I love that this blog is here when I need it. Obviously, I have ignored it! However, I am glad I can return when I have thoughts on my mind. I had intended to use this blog for a personal journey this year - one that created a more strong family culture, spiritually and emotionally. I believe I have done that but of course this is always more you can do!

I am excited for this Holiday season - I have been making plans to make it charity and Christ focused as well as enforcing gratitude.

But what was on my mind this morning was how many people are ridiculed for their beliefs in God. I have been following the story about Angus T. Jones, who is the actor who plays the son on "Three and a Half Men." He has made videos proclaiming his testimony and asking others to stop watching his show because it's "filth."

I say, "Good for him!" I'm glad someone in Hollywood is finally standing up saying "This is enough."

 A lot of people are saying he's biting the hand that feeds him. Here are my thoughts on that. 1) I'm sure he is in a contract and unable to get out of right now, so when you say "If you don't like it, leave" I bet he can't. 2) When he joined this cast he was very young. He also hadn't converted to his church. His family probably had no idea how long the show would last or what evolution the show would take over time. 3) People are saying, "Then give the money back." Maybe he will donate it, or maybe he will be smart and save his money and be grateful for the gift he was given. After this show, who knows what jobs he will get. He is not in the wrong here. I'm sure he has gone through his own process. He is not proud of his participation in a show like this, and it's his own personal experience to deal with.

The part of this story that has hit me hard are the commentary (professional and amateur internet!) They are quick to say "Have him give up his $350,000 an episode salary and see how fast he still follows God." I would hope that this young man will follow his convictions, even when the money stops coming. They also ridicule the idea of a belief in God, following his commandments and call him a fool for doing so. It's interesting to me, but this all sounds like stories we have heard before in the scriptures! I am reminded in the Book of Mormon where time and time again prosperity led to wickedness (Helaman 6 for example.)

I'm a big supporter of freedom of speech and religion. The people who make this show have every right to make it. People who want to watch it have every right to do so. Angus also has the right to say what he believes. I'm sure he will have to quit or recant what he said. So far he has just said he didn't mean to disrespect the makers of the show. He didn't take back what he said, and I hope he stands his ground.

(Forgive the randomness of this - it's early but I just wanted to get my thoughts out!)

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