New Beginnings

I have revamped this blog several times over, and even wrote about how I wasn't going to go back and delete anything on here.

I also have had tough times where I thought blogging would make it better. I have had a fitness blog, I have had a travel blog. I have had an anonymous mommy blog. This one isn't anonymous so I wonder if that is why I have stayed away? I have known it was here in the back of my mind but it only occurred to me today to return. I wanted to find a place to record some results of health experiments we are doing. I think I will go ahead and use this one.

I keep thinking "But I've missed so much..." However - why does it matter? Who cares if I haven't recorded every minute of my life. No one reads this anyway since I have stopped reading other blogs and linking back!

So, I'll start here. I may do videos. I'm still thinking about it.

I do know I need an outlet - and this is as good as any!