Defining the purpose of my blog

I have spent the past 15 years learning using many of the features of the Internet. I have done forums, blogs, social media, chat rooms, and more. My social use of the web has evolved over the years. I was very active in iVillage forums with the birth of my 2nd child. I later started a LiveJournal and joined a birth group for my 3rd child. I joined, and quit, MySpace. I blogged publicly and anonymously for a while. I found various other forums for my needs - weight loss, parenting, travel, etc. I joined Meetup and it was through there that I finally met real life friends that changed my life. Then, we all joined Facebook and it is still my main form of Internet socialization. I do have a Twitter that I once deactivated, yet decided to reactivate so I could read my daughter's tweets. I have many photo sharing websites and am on SparkPeople. I joined Google + and I have two other blogs for my house and my personal life. (Not used recently...) I have an eBay seller's profile as well.

This blog was at first an anonymous attempt at a Mommy Blog a few years back. I then deleted everything and made it a public family blog, which I also deleted and started over from scratch. When I had the idea to start a new blog, not anonymous and not a place to rant, I searched up and down for a good name. Finally, I logged in to this old blog and found that the address still was appropriate. Mom - Wife - Me. I am a Mom and a Wife, but ultimately I am ME. I named the blog "Being Me and Living My Life." It's the basics of who we are. I am me, I am living the life I am living. I am not living anyone else's live, nor should I try. 

My prompt to start this blog was a reversion back to some of my old anxieties and insecurities. I had spent the past few years feeling really good about where I was in life, and that I was focusing on my personal mental and emotional health as well as making a culture and environment for my family. However, the stresses of the holidays and the presence of friends and family had me questioning myself again. It was then I wanted to write about living in the world today while being happy with who you are, how you are living and what you are doing. I want to continue my mantra of "Live in the Moment." It makes me sad to have beautiful moments we spend ruined by the demons in our head. 

So the purpose of the blog is to #1) Keep me sane. Writing was very effective when I was on LiveJournal and a mother of a baby. It helped me vent and think through many things. #2) Help keep myself on the path I started a while back of enjoying each day for what it is. Live in the moment, don't sweat the small stuff and just breathe! #3) I feel that maybe my words, thoughts and actions can help someone else or someone else can read what I am going through and have words to inspire me. I have already found a few blogs that have a spirt that I want to emulate. I hope that through them, and others I will find later I can create a community of like-minded people. 

One thing - a disclaimer. My goal for this year is to be positive. That is not to say the negative things don't happen. I will probably be down at times, but it is my nature and my goal to try to see the silver lining in all things. I have been told that being a "Pollyanna" isn't being genuine, but it is my personality. Of course there are emotions and thoughts that I won't put out there for the world to see, but know that all of my posts are genuine. At the same time, I don't want to come off as everything being picket fences and warm chocolate chip cookies. Of course we all have our struggles. I may chose to not have them all in a public forum, but know I go through them the same as everyone. 

And lastly, please be nice. :) We are all in this world together, and I know that most people don't mean others any harm. I truly don't understand the venom that can occur online and in the comments section. I have an article I will link to in a few weeks that talks about this, but I am asking my readers to respect everyone's thoughts and opinions - including my own. 

Thank you - I realize this is a new blog and there isn't much to go on yet, but I hope you stick around and see what I have to say! 

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