Line upon line

I have huge "to do" or even more accurate "to change" lists in my head. I'm sure you know what I mean. I have to stop doing ..... I need to do ...... more.

It gets overwhelming.

I am approaching 40 and the little voice in my head says "You still haven't accomplished ....... "

But there is another little, possibly a little louder voice that says to me. STOP. That's enough. Lately the mantra in my head has been "just one thing." I wrote a personal journal entry last night and that came out again. Just. One. Thing.

I think this is what many people do for Lent, but I don't participate in Lent. Today is Good Friday and I was thinking maybe now would be to pick just one thing. Of course one thing usually lends itself to other changes but if the focus is on one thing then I think good things can happen.

Of course - as I sit and try to have a spiritual, positive, uplifting moment I hear the bickering of my children upstairs, and because they think I'm in my room it seems more hurtful than normal and it has gone on longer before the "Mom!" happens. It's interesting that my "One thing" that I want to change will directly affect them, and hopefully this behavior as well.

Shortened entry - family calls.