Finding Inspiration - Gratitude

I was awake the night of Christmas, well the early morning after Christmas, with thoughts racing through my head. It was a good Christmas, but I couldn't help feel that maybe things could be better. Don't we always think that? I don't mean better like we got better presents, but I felt that over the years we had slipped away from the true meanings of the holidays even though I attempt to instill it in my children's head. Overall, I do think it was a great day but there was a nagging feeling about a lot of things that evening. This year has been wonderful for our family, yet I felt feelings of anxiety about the year to come. I laid awake and thought about starting a blog. I've had personal and family blogs before, but there were thoughts I felt I wanted to share. I knew the feelings I had weren't my own, and that other parents out there struggled with many of the same feelings I had. Insecurity, anxiety, guilt, depression, stress, worry and more. I don't like when those things get in my way - and I decided I was going to actively work on reducing those from my life. My thoughts turned to all those articles and websites about "simplifying your life." Yes, that is what we need - information about how to go back to basics and simplify things. But wait, I realized that many things in my life aren't simple and I don't mind that at all. So, chaos exists - the question is how to live in the chaos and enjoy it! That is my goal for this year. Being mindful, appreciative and accepting of all that is around me. Live in the moment is my mantra, and I'd like to find ways to enhance that spirt for the new year.

 Today, I found a website and book that I think might help me along this path. I am ordering this book, One Thousand Gifts

She has a website and blog - which I am following A Holy Experience Also, there is a free app - One Thousand Gifts, which I just downloaded. There are many ways to access this, also at this website One Thousand Gifts 

I encourage you to look at this, and see how it can fit in your life. I look forward to having more gratitude in my life, and also be an example for my family.


Anonymous said...

You are one step ahead of me. I didn't start my blog until I had finished reading 1000 Gifts and felt convicted about not relishing in my daily gifts enough.
Way to go!
Am looking forward to sharing this journey of gratitude with you
To God be the glory
Simply striving,

jenibug said...

Hi Christy,
Love your post! This year I felt I had a more Christ centered Christmas than I've ever had before, yet I still felt I could have done better as well!!
I too have tried many different ways of finding balance in my life that did not center on the gospel and they were not successful. It's taken me this long to finally figure it out...for good! I wish you the best in your quest for balance this year!


Christy said...

Thanks so much!

Nikki - Thanks for coming to my blog, I look forward to finding others to read and share my thoughts with.

Jen - HI! Thanks for reading and commenting, I forgot I might have followers from my "old blog" - I'm revamping things a bit and I really appreciate the comments :) Happy New Year!!!