A Case of the Mondays

"January is like the Monday of the year" - that saying was created in our house, and I'm not sure if anyone else has felt that way but we sure do.

3rd Quarter at school and kids are burned out. No major activities and assignments so everyone starts to slack a bit.

Christmas is over and we just want to rest.

January is also like a Rainy Saturday where you don't have to do anything, so you don't. You read and curl up with a good book. Or Netflix show. (I read 10 books this month - retreat much?)

I just had a month of Mondays - and now, I guess it's Tuesday!

February. We made it through one month already, yeah! And January 2017 was a doozy (no, I don't want to talk about it. La-la-la-la - I can't hear you!)

February is one month closer to March, and I love March!

February is the month of chocolate, groundhogs, love, both my parent's birthdays and a day off of school. 

It's a short month, so that much closer to March! I love March (Not as much as June, but I do love March!)

So what do you do on Tuesday when you feel like you had a major case of the Mondays? You try to be positive and power through. If you haven't started any of your goals during the month of January - then I guess February 1st is a good day to get on it, because before you know it - it will be March (yay!) and then June (double yay!) and next thing the "crazy days" are back (Sept-Dec) and we start all over again.

My goal - write. In here. Anything that strikes my fancy or makes me think. Nothing political. (Maybe slightly) Mostly my inner thoughts and plans and desires and rants and raves. When I see something, read something and I get this thought 'Am I the ONLY one who thinks this?' It would be good to write it down and maybe someday start sharing. So now I stop "writing about writing" and get to it - with a subject and a topic and maybe even a conclusion!

For now, I'll leave you with a photo:

Our 16.75 year old cat sleeping on a Figment pillow (character from Epcot at Walt Disney World) 


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